This blog is written and maintained by Joel Moreira, a PhD student in Mathematics at The Ohio State University since September 2010.  a Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, an Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the University of Warwick, here is my webpage.

My PhD advisor was Vitaly Bergelson.

This blog hosts a number of notes I write about a variety of topics I am interested in, mostly on Ergodic theory, Ramsey theory and surrounding areas.
I write several posts where I collect “folklore” or “well known” knowledge from Ergodic Ramsey Theory and add to it my perspective; most of these posts result from me trying to understand the subject and are largely for my own interest.
I also write about my own results, usually trying to make the content of my papers more accessible without getting into the details, in the same way a talk on the subject would.

The name of this blog is an obvious pun with the name of a certain brand and is related to the problem of constructing deterministic objects which have certain desired properties found (with high probability) in random objects. I co-authored two papers dealing with particular instances of this problem. There is a related Dilbert comic, although there it is hard to believe that something is random! And here is an xkcd.

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