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Affine Images of Infinite sets

— 1. Szemerédi’s theorem as affine images — Szemerédi’s theorem is usually stated as “every set with positive upper density contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions”, but it can also be formulated without explicit mention of arithmetic progressions: Theorem 1 (Szemerédi’s … Continue reading

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A proof a sumset conjecture of Erdős

Florian Richter, Donald Robertson and I have uploaded to the arXiv our paper entitled A proof a sumset conjecture of Erdős. The main goal of the paper is to prove the following theorem, which verifies a conjecture of Erdős discussed … Continue reading

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Erdős Sumset conjecture

Hindman’s finite sums theorem is one of the most famous and useful theorems in Ramsey theory. It states that for any finite partition of the natural numbers, one of the cells of this partition contains an IP-set, i.e., there exists … Continue reading

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Weighted densities with multiplicative structure

The upper density of a set , defined by provides a useful way to measure subsets of . For instance, whenever , contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions, this is Szemerédi’s theorem. A fundamental property of the upper density is that … Continue reading

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