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Tao’s Proof of (logarithmically averaged) Chowla’s conjecture for two point correlations

The Liouville function is the completely multiplicative function with for every prime . The Chowla conjecture predicts that this function behaves randomly. Here is a version of this conjecture. Conjecture 1 (Chowla) For every finite set , This conjecture received … Continue reading

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A viewpoint on Katai’s orthogonality criterion

The Liouville function, defined as the completely multiplicative function which sends every prime to , encodes several important properties of the primes. For instance, the statement that is equivalent to the prime number theorem, while the improved (and essentially best … Continue reading

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Primes of the form x^2+2y^2

In this post I will present a quite nice proof of the following fact from elementary number theory: Theorem 1 Let be a prime number. There are such that if and only if is a quadratic residue . Recall that … Continue reading

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